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Welcome to your Ryobi power equipment website. Ryobi’s full product range includes industrial and DIY power tools, cordless tools, generators, gardening equipment and high-pressure washers. Ryobi began operations in Japan over 60 years ago manufacturing die cast components. Since that time, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most advanced aluminium die cast component suppliers.  Ryobi has accumulated innovative technologies and produces die cast components for numerous industries, including automotive, computer, telecommunications and electronic manufacturers.

Ryobi power tools meet a wide array of needs from hand held drills, planers, grinders, stationary saws to lawnmowers, hedge trimmers,cordless tools, generators and door closers. Ryobi also offers a comprehensive selection of power sources, giving consumers a choice of electric, cordless or petrol-powered models designed to meet specific market needs.

Stevens & Co is the sole distributor of Ryobi in Southern Africa. No other distributor can offer such a comprehensive range of volume selling power equipment with such strong market acceptance.

We have gone to great lengths to gain the trust of users by creating safe, easy-to-use products that are highly functional and durable. With over 150 different models catering for all power equipment categories, Ryobi’s range can satisfy the needs of both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike..


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Take back control of your power!

Ryobi manufactures both 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke generators to suit your specific needs.

Click HERE to download the Ryobi Back-Up power information pamphlet and start producing your own Back-up power for your home or business.

RYOBI Blower

Ryobi’s full product range includes industrial and DIY power tools, cordless tools, generators, gardening equipment and high-pressure washers.

Working with a Heat Gun

The Ryobi Heat Gun is a great tool for DIY enthusiasts, ideal for stripping paint. Our experts provide advice on how to safely and effectively use your Ryobi Heat Gun.

Ryobi Trimmers and Brush Cutters

Ryobi Trimmer and Brush Cutter starting, care and maintenance.

Table & Mitre Saws

General Mitre and Table Saw Maintenance including changing blades.


New Ryobi products are guaranteed to be free from defects in material or workmanship manifesting themselves within a period of two years from the date of purchase by the first user, subject to the following conditions:

Under the terms of the guarantee, the repair or replacement of any part will be the opinion of Ryobi or its authorised agents only. Products are sold by the dealer as principal and the dealer has no authority from Ryobi to give any additional warrantee or guarantee on Ryobi’s behalf, except as herein contained or herein referred to.

This guarantee covers the ordinary and normal of operation of the product, excludes any defects which may arise from normal wear and tear, negligent or improper usage, a failure to maintain the product as specified in the owner’s manual (the onus satisfactorily proving which shall rest upon the owner) and any defects arising from accidents. Products which have in any manner been tampered with are excluded from this guarantee.

Accessories such as bits, blades, sanding discs, cutting lines, etc. are excluded from this guarantee. Normal consumable parts, such as carbon brushes, bearings, chucks, cord assembly’s, spark plugs, recoil pulleys and bump head assembly’s are specifically excluded from this guarantee.

In the event of malfunction within the guarantee period, the product must be returned to the seller within a period together with proof of purchase in the form of a cash slip or invoice. Ryobi accepts no additional liability pursuant to this guarantee for the costs of travelling or transportation of the product or parts to and from the service dealer or agent, which costs are not included in this guarantee.

The above guarantee is the only guarantee given my Ryobi and no liability will fall upon Ryobi otherwise than as recorded above. In particular Ryobi will not be responsible for any damage or losses which may be suffered by the purchaser or any other person acquiring the product from him whether direct, consequential or otherwise.


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