• Temperature ranges from a low of 50°C
with a 250 litre per minute airflow, or a high
temperature of 600°C with a 500 litre per
minute airflow
• Ideal for stripping paint, drying paint or varnish,
bending plastic pipes, softening adhesives,
heat-shrinking plastic film, vinyl & leather
repairs, loosening rusty bolts, automobile body
repairs, de-soldering and drying out material
• Thermal overload protection
• Ceramic element for longer use
• Accessories included: Concerntrator nozzle,
Flat nozzle, Glass protection

Additional Information

Power Input: 2 000W
Temperature Setting: I: 50°C
II: 50 – 450°C
III: 90 – 600ºC
Airflow: I: 250L/min
II: 250L/min
III: 500L/min
Nett Weight: 0.8kg…