• For simple and accurate measurements up to 70m
• Measure distance, area, volume, indirect distance by Pythagorean Theorem, auto level and auto height
• 3D (point to point) measurement to determine any distance between two points in any space (in metres, feet or inches)
• 2” touch screen colour display (IP65 dustproof, waterproof)
• Automatic storage of the last 30 measurements

Additional Information

Max Measuring Range: 0.2 – 70m
Measuring Accuracy: ±2mm +5x105D
Measuring Units: mm / ft / in
Laser Class: Class 2
Laser Type: 630 – 670nm, <1mW
Operating Temp: 0º-40ºC
Storage Temp: -10º-60ºC
Battery Type: 3x 1.2V AAA (incl.)
Battery Life: ±5000 measurements
Auto Laser Off: 30sec
Auto Switch Off: 180sec
Dimensions: 115 x 49 x 26mm…