Air inflator for all occasions


When you think of power tools, a powerful air inflator may not be one of the first things that come to mind. But ahead of any holiday activity, such a thing has a variety of uses.

Heading somewhere special naturally involves making sure the wheels involved are suitably inflated. So for your car, caravan or trailer, right down to more recreational modes of transport like your mountain bike, the air inflator covers these bases.

Inflating of pool accessories is your next checkpoint here, plus inflatable mattresses whether it’s for an additional guest over the festive season or for your camping trip. It really is the power tool that is a holiday essential in more ways that one.

RYOBI’s 18V Cordless Air Inflator XAI-8800 provides the perfect solution for all of the above, which naturally makes it a great gift option for this time of year too. You can shop this product here