Battery powered DIYing


As a pioneer in the cordless revolution of recent years, RYOBI has always worked on creating more power tool potential for our end users.

This may seem like marketing jargon at a glance, but the RYOBI ONE+ 18v battery pack system and the very nature of the cordless power tool represents everything that makes DIY so great.

Having the freedom to just pick up a power tool to finish an odd job around the house, having more freedom to move far and wide around various obstacles in the garden, or to work in remote places where a power source is not available. Having a robust, hardworking and convenient power source always allows you to solely focus on the task at hand.

The RYOBI ONE+ 18v battery packs are now used in number 61 models in our range, and this number is steadily growing to meet the needs of our customers. The interchangeable nature of the battery pack adds to the simplicity of it all, and is certainly an investment worth considering going forward.

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