The biggest talking point on the internet right now is without a doubt the AI chat bot platform ChatGPT. Yes, it’s even bigger than Harry and Megan. That’s probably got a lot to do with the fact that, unlike Harry and Megan, ChatGPT can literally discuss anything with you.

To this point, Google has been our friend when it comes to seeking information online. It still is really. But ChatGPT goes further in how it delivers information to your needs, and quite literally serves as ‘someone’ that can tell you anything.

If you are new to this, you will need to register a free OpenAI account at and follow the prompts to get started.

Now at this stage, you may wonder why a Power Tools brand blog is talking about chat bots. Quite simply that is because, from a DIY perspective, ChatGPT is simply brilliant at guiding you toward and through all your DIY tasks.

For example, below we asked what the best all-round power tools to own were.

Not only are you getting an answer immediately, but you are also getting additional information to make that answer more comprehensive. And a disclaimer that the answer also really depends on the tasks you need them for.

So, to then give ChatGPT a task as a follow-up question, we asked what main power tools you would need to make a specific item like a wooden rocking horse.

Again, you get an immediate answer in that the power tools are listed, but so to the function of those power tools within the chosen task. Plus, some additional considerations to completing the task. As you will know, it’s often impossible to get the absolute perfect answer to any broad question, but it’s fascinating to see that the platform is always thinking about the many variables to the answer.

So ChatGPT has given us the info on the tools for our task, and what they do. But what about telling us how to make it all and the steps to cover?

Yes, Google can direct you to websites or tutorial videos on how to make something like a wooden rocking horse. And there are loads of resources out there that can do just that. But ChatGPT gives the information and allows you to interact with it on the platform like you were talking to an actual DIY expert. All in real-time!

At this stage, you know what tools you need, you know what they are needed for, and you know the steps to execute the task. But what about the materials to buy to get started? That’s the next step to type in here…

From here I’m sure you see how this works. There will always be instances where you may need to talk to someone about the purchase of tools and materials, especially in cases where the information from ChatGPT may have a geographical bias, but the nuts and bolts of the service as it were really does add a new dimension to the DIY experience.

Give it a try, and hopefully, it acts as a catalyst for a great DIY year ahead!

Of course, if you are looking to build a wooden DIY rocking horse or anything of a similar nature, head on over to once ChatGPT has guided you on what you need.