Choosing the right chainsaw

Keeping your garden neat and tidy year round involves a variety of activities. In some instances though, you simply need something like a chainsaw to get the job done. In this edition of the blog we share some key information about this well known power tool, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Safety first

Before getting into the different kinds of chainsaws, safety around the use of them has to be established. RYOBI’s range of chainsaws have intuitively built-in safety measures around their use, but it is imperative that the product manuals are consulted before use. Safety equipment is also to be used at all times no matter the kind of task encountered.

Starting small

For many a chainsaw can come in handy for simply pruning and the cutting back of branches that are blocking views or access areas. For these more manageable elements so to speak, RYOBI offers a selection of small electric chainsaws. Safe and easy to use, these plug and play models get the job done without having to invest too heavily in your first chainsaw purchase.


The bigger the job, the bigger the chainsaw

When it comes to heavy duty jobs, you will naturally require a more heavy duty chainsaw. With greater requirements, not only will you require greater power from a unit but also greater mobility to cover larger areas.

To cover both aspects of use, RYOBI offers powerful cordless One+ 18v battery powered models, along with petrol powered chainsaws. The latter in particular allowing you to tackle the bigger jobs in the garden, and for more professional use too. 

Maintenance is key

No matter what your needs or model requirements, chainsaws have to be constantly maintained and taken care of to ensure optimal performance. Checking the blade for example is a key component of this. Using a chainsaw with a worn/unsharpened blade can harm the unit and lead to greater difficulty to use. Sharpness aside, the tension of the blade is also something to monitor. Optimal sharpness with the correct tension isn’t just something for new chainsaws, but rather the intended permanent condition for safe and effective use.

Once again, consulting the user manuals around maintenance is key, and our RYOBI service centres nationwide are also at hand to ensure your unit is always running at its best.

For more on the above models and to choose which one is best for you, our online store features our full chainsaw range: