Cleaning Equipment

With the many uses and environments that our power tools operate in, we naturally offer a variety of powerful and easy to use cleaning equipment too.

Cleaning needs naturally range from the everyday round the house nature, to more specific and technical needs or keeping machinery clean and functioning optimally.

Our main cleaning products fall into two categories, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, and high pressure washers.

High pressure washers:

Ideal for outdoor use, our high pressure washers range from your standard electric powered base models, right through to the Petrol High Pressure Washer AJP-2900. Providing a blast of water aside, you are also able to incorporate soap or sanitiser into the solution allowing for greater cleaning capabilities.

This will add a new dimensions to giving outdoor tiled areas a proper clean, and have your car spick and span in a fraction of the time it would when cleaning by hand.

Click here to see our range of high pressure washers.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners:

Whether your needs range from everyday vacuuming of the carpets at home, or for more industrial needs in a variety of locations, we have a unit to suit your needs. Having the capabilities of both wet and dry allows for your vacuum cleaner to not only collect substances like pet hair or food stuffs, but also implement cleaning purposes where soap and detergents are used for stain removal on surfaces.

In the DIY space in general it’s always a good idea to keep things clean and tidy, and a hard working and versatile vacuum cleaner is always a handy purchase.



Click here to see our range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners.