Cordless Drill #RYOBIDIYEssentials

In 2023 we are looking to guide you towards the essentials that you need on the power tool front. We all have a rough idea of what is popular or useful for DIY, but each month we want to give you the added info you need to not only make confident purchases, but also gain confidence with your purchase before using them.


First up in Feb, it’s the cordless power drill.


Right off the bat, the cordless power drill is probably the most recognisable of the power tools out there. It’s what allows you to drill holes into wood, metal, plastic or masonry. Drill screws into wood, dry wall or other materials. Essential functions that then allows for the hanging of shelves, doors or picture frames, installing of decking or fencing, or assembling furniture.


What makes the cordless power drill all the more essential is its portability, versatility and safety. You can move around freely with your project, operating in a variety of settings, and never have to worry about tripping over the cords or having them get in the way of your work. No cords also means less maintenance, and many cordless power drills have adjustable speed settings and high torque making then suitable for heavy-duty tasks.


To correctly use your cordless power drill, make sure you following these guidelines for safety and efficiency:


  • Make sure your cordless power drill is fully charged for the task.
  • Choose the correct drill bit for the job based on the material you are drilling into, and size of desired hole.
  • When working with an loose workpiece, secure it firmly in a vice or clamp to prevent it from moving while drilling.
  • Start slowly, establishing control of the power tool to prevent the drill from slipping or damaging your work surface.
  • From a slow base, apply steady pressure and try to never force the unit. Let your cordless power tool do the work.
  • Always use two hands to ensure you execute on the above. Even when you become more experienced, two hands always equals more control.
  • Keep the drill level for additional control and safety.
  • Stop drilling when you feel it has reached the desired point in the task.


What is the cordless power drill for me?


Now that we have covered the basics of the cordless power drill, you are probably wondering which is the best to buy? Well naturally RYOBI has a variety of models to answer this question, but for a solid all rounder to really add value to your DIY world, we recommend the RYOBI XLD-1860K 18v Cordless Impact Driver Drill Kit.



Complete with 2 RYOBI ONE+ 18v batteries and charger, the RYOBI XLD-1860K Kit comes with a sturdy aluminium carry case, and 160 piece accessory selection.


So make 2023 the year where you really cover your bases on the DIY front by become more familiar with essential products like the cordless power drill. And as your confidence grows so to the number of tasks you tackle.