DIY Festive project


The festive season is always a great excuse to flex your DIY muscles so to speak. With families getting together and times for celebrations at the end of the year, you can add some extra cheer with a DIY festive project.

There are many great options to choose from in this respect, with endless internet inspirations to get you going. We have gone for the lowest hanging bauble as it were, and suggest creating a unique wooden Christmas tree.

When working with wood, naturally your starting point is the cutting. For the ideal Christmas tree a table saw and mitre saw play the initial role of cutting your material to size. A hard working jigsaw then provides the final shaping and detailing. From there it is down to the decorative stage where you can really get creative.

Let Granville guide you along with these two projects below, and for more info on our extensive range of saws and more, click here