Gardening add ons


There are many facets that make up a beautiful garden. So it’s only natural that a variety of gardening add ons need to be considered in order to get the most from your outside space.

We all know a solid lawn mower is a go to purchase to keep your lawn well kept, but the addition of a line trimmer can make all the difference in the harder to reach places and when defining your flower bed verges. Shapely bushes and hedges can define boundary areas beautifully, and are easily manicured with a hedge trimmer. Throughout the year trees can pose various maintenance considerations, and with a chainsaw, pole saw and leaf blower you can always keep them and their ground areas neat and tidy.

And thanks to the RYOBI One+ 18v battery system, all the mentioned items can be powered by one power supply, giving you greater mobility and ease of use.

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