Inverter Generator


For many South Africans, a generator is a real grudge purchase. This process doesn’t need to be as doom and gloom as an Eskom outage though. Yes, an embattled infrastructure and there being no sight of a real solution is a reality, but with the RYOBI RG-3200i Inverter Generator your backup power needs are well packaged and easy to use. 

Connected to the home or office, the RYOBI RG-3200i Inverter Generator with a run rating of 2 800w has the ability to power your key appliances, lights and of course wifi. With reduced noise and clean cut housing, it certainly provides a no mess no fuss option as generators go, with no mixing of oil and 7 hours of run time from the 5 litre tank.

But its additional value comes in the fact that it is so freely portable. The suitcase design with large pull out handle and sturdy wheels make it an easy roll from place to place. So if you need it on a camping trip, an outdoor event or even just to ensure the jumping castle at the kids party never has any downtime, it’s your go to source of power.

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