Last chance to vote in the 2023 RYOBI #WontQuitCrew

This year we brought you six unique South African sports stories, and with it six athletes that we are proud to associate with our #WontQuitCrew.


Now is the time to award the athlete who you felt had the most inspiring and engaging story, and who’s won’t quit attitude has resonated with you the most.


By clicking through to, you can cast your vote for your favourite. The athlete with the most votes receives R10 000 cash, and by voting you stand a chance to win a R5 000 Ryobi Shop voucher!


To help you make up your mind, here’s is a recap of the 6 #WontQuitCrew stories below.


1: Mike Stevens


There not a lot in the news around para bobsleigh. The sport itself is still yet to achieve winter Paralympic Games status. But pioneering athletes like Mike Stevens are looking to change that. This is his story on the ups and downs of trying to make that happen, and how he has moved away from just about every comfort zone he has known in the past to reach his goal.



2: Kerwin Noemdo


From a young age, Kerwin was always incredibly focused on sport. Growing up with a disability though would have its natural limitations, and even though that didn’t phase Kerwin, it was a reality he had to deal with. When he found para sports though, he really found his groove and with that Paralympic success in Tokyo. He narrowly missed out on a medal there, but Paris 2024 is his chance to change that.



3: Sean Clarke


For much of his life people have been trying to slow Sean Clarke down. And for good reason to in most case after he sustained a life changing injury to his leg from a daredevil childhood stunt. Medical professionals have all advised him not to be an endurance athlete due to the nature of his injury and subsequent limitations. But Sean never liked the sound of that, and with a Comrades marathon under his belt, he continues to defy better judgement while inspiring others who are differently able.



4: Zinhle Ndawonde


We have heard many stories of how sport has the ability to positively change lives. But when you learn of the start Zinhle Ndawonde had in life, it is difficult to see how she could join the dots for this saying to ring true. But this is what makes her story so inspiring and unique. A girl from the township that used rugby of all sports to get ahead. And not only just get ahead, but inspire the next generations of young girls to believe in themselves and have goals to take them forward.



5: Sibusiso Kotelo


Though Sibusiso is an elite athlete, there is certainly no ‘play’ in his life of excellence. He found purpose as a young man in the world of bodybuilding, something that saw him rise above his peers locally. But this would never be enough for him. His goals are to be remembered as a legend within his realm, and this lifelong commitment to this journey is nothing short of remarkable.



6: Erin Christie


Participation wise, field hockey is a major sport across the various age groups here in South Africa. But in the professional ranks, it is sadly not a big enough concern to field competitive teams that can take on the world. Erin Christie is not someone that cares about this though. As co-captain of the womens national team, she has dedicated over decade of her life to make sure her team punches above their weight on the biggest stages, and has taken on just about every challenge in doing so.



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