Measuring equipment

There’s an old DIY adage that says you should always measure twice, and cut once. This rings true when it comes to the conventional tape measure way of going about things for cutting materials.

RYOBI though goes a little further with our measuring equipment, with two different fields which we are going to discuss here:

Digital measuring equipment:

Measuring isn’t just something confined to the length and breadth of a room, or size of materials needed to be worked on. Sometimes you need to measure the moisture levels in objects or walls. Knowing what you are drilling into also needs to be measured so as to avoid live wires or other dangerous impediments. A handy voltage tester can also be super useful in a variety of settings when wanting to test the voltage levels of wiring and power cords.

With this in mind RYOBI has a range of easy to use digital measuring devices that take the guess work out of operations, while ensuring safety along the way.

Click here see the full range of RYOBI digital measuring equipment.

Laser measuring equipment:

When looking for precise measurement with regards to length and breadth of rooms, along with all important heights, including the angles thereof, our laser measuring equipment again offers a range of precise models.

The LDM-72B in particular is a powerful unit measuring precisely up to 70 meters. Other features include automatic storage of your last 30 measurements via a 2” touch screen display that is dust and water proof. Along with distance it measures area, volume, indirect distance by Pythagorean theorem, and providing auto level and height on measurements. Plus 3D measurement in any space in meters, feet or inches.

Click here see the full range of RYOBI laser measuring equipment.