It’s that time of year when the leaves are falling in our part of the world. In many ways this creates extra work around the garden, but also provides an opportunity to put in some essential garden maintenance.

We are of course talking about the essential process of mulching here. A long-established horticultural practice that involves spreading a layer of material on the ground around plants to protect their roots from the elements.

In our case here in South Africa, mulching at this time of year is to combat the cold. More specifically if you are living in the high veld and interior of the country, the annual threat of frost.

Though certain weather extremes will always take their toll on your garden, the process of mulching will certainly make a big difference. And with the falling leaves right now, your layer of natural material is what you start with.

We recommend a leaf blower with vacuum function and mulching such as the RYOBI XBV-230 Plus < > so you able to gather the leaves effectively and break down your material for a solid covering layer. A layer around 4 inches in thickness is recommenced here, preventing excess water run off and being able to maintain moisture in your soil.

Once your mulching layer is set, you are now able to insulate your soil, while also putting those seemingly endless leaves to good use. For more advanced mulching, you can also consider other organic substances like straw, compost, sawdust and similar items.


For more on our blower/vac range, watch our video below: