New DIY resolutions


New year, new ‘DIY you’ right?

A new year always comes with new and exciting possibilities, and this should certainly apply with DIY. After your December break where you got a chance to unwind and enjoy some downtime at home, you may have seen your living space in a new light. And perhaps one that could benefit from a bit of handy work with your favourite power tools.

To get you started in beginning the year right, we have compiled a list of DIY resolutions to set your mind to:

  • Make a list of unfinished DIY jobs around the house

We all have them, and we all have excuses why we aren’t getting them done. Now is the time to get this nagging list sorted.

  • Set yourself a ‘furniture’ goal

Whether you want to make plant boxes to rejuvenate an outside area, a bench for the garden, or even a spice rack for the kitchen, set yourself a manageable goal of something you have been wanting to make but haven’t got round to yet.

  • Get that new tool

One of the reasons we often have that unfinished DIY list is because we simply don’t have the right power tools yet. Well nothing gets the job done quite like making the purchase that has been holding you back!

  • Get your DIY house in order

If you have gone to the extent over the years to create a dedicated DIY space at home, it’s important to have it as neat and tidy as possible. A proper clean up here will result in you finding things you have perhaps forgotten about. It will certainly rekindle your love for the area if you have neglected it a bit of late, and will inevitably lead to you using it more.

  • Turn your off-cuts into mini projects

Us DIYers collect and store materials over the years, and often just leave them laying around. This is a great time of year to literally take stock of that, and create mini projects with things you may have never used.

In that regard, during hard lockdown in 2020 we challenged local comedian Simmi Areff to do just that with what he had laying around. Watching this series of videos could inspire you to do the same!