Online DIY inspiration


Let’s cast our minds back to the days before the internet, and where we may have sourced some DIY inspiration or how-to guides. We may have caught  an occasional TV show, perhaps there was a magazine that we could buy each month, a newspaper with an article here or there. Or we had a friend or family member that was handy around the house. Though once a reality, our sources for such a thing are simply endless now thanks to what is available online.

Pinterest really took things forward a great deal with the rise of social media. But when it comes to the most comprehensive platform for getting whatever you are looking for, it has to be YouTube.

YouTube has allowed DIY enthusiasts from around the world to share their passion and projects. From big to small, it really is a medium for all in the truest sense.

From building a new planter box, to finding ways of creatively executing an entire room makeover, there is a channel and a DIY person to give you ideas and guidance to get any job done.

Below we have chosen 3 channels that have caught our eye recently. For more on YouTube in this space, be sure to follow the RYOBI Africa channel where we showcase our latest tools, maintenance tips along with projects with Granville.