Painting: Brush vs spray

Painting: Brush vs spray

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We know that time is often a big determining factor behind undertaking a task, or not, so in this blog post we want to discuss using a spray gun over a paint brush when it comes to your next painting task.

There is simply no quicker way to apply paint to a surface than with the spray gun. You can cover large areas in minutes that would previously have taken hours with a brush. You also have the ability to get into hard to reach places, and with a skilled hand you can apply one coat coverage with a smooth finish free of brush or roller marks.

Painting is of course never a straightforward tasks, regardless of your approach. And with using a spray gun unit it is prudent to get a hang of it on smaller tasks before attempting anything larger.

Other things to consider when using the spray gun is that you are likely to use more paint than conventional brush painting, and there are preparation and clean up measures that need to be taken with you machine.

 To demonstrate this further and for more spray gun usage, watch our video below.

 With experience on what works best for you, you may consider an approach referred to as ‘back brushing’ whereby a majority of your paint task can be executed with spray, and the finishing touches and greater controlled requirements are rounded off with conventional brushing.