• Kit consists of an Air dusting gun, 4 meter recoil air hose with couplings, suction powered paint spray gun, engine cleaning gun, tyre inflator
  • The adjustable suction powered paint spray gun is suitable for most painting applications
  • The air gun is suitable for cleaning and drying applications
  • The heavy duty tyre inflator is equipped with a dual scale gauge with rubber protector, deflation button and a strong tyre chuck.
  • The general purpose engine cleaning gun with a steel pot is suitable for cleaning and degreasing applications

Additional Information

Paint spray gun
Nozzle: 1.5mm
Air pressure: 45-55 PSI
Air consumption: 5 CFM@40 PSI
Cup capacity: 750 CC
Air dust gun
Air pressure: 45-75 PSI
Air consumption: 5 CFM@40 PSI
Engine cleaning gun
Air pressure: 30-55 PSI
Air consumption: 3.5 CFM@ 30 PSI
Air tyre inflator
Capacity: 0-150 PSI
Air recoil hose
Length: 4m
Capacity: 170 PSI…