• Powerful and compact plasma cutting machine with 8mm mild ste
el cutting capacity
• Ideal for cutting steel, stainless, galvanized steel, alumini
um, copper and brass
• IGBT inverter soft-switch technology with digital LED display
• HF arc Ignition mode for easy start, with post-flow function
• 80% duty cycle with thermal overload protection

• Set includes 5m cutting torch, 3m earth clamp and 3m gas hose

Additional Information

Rated Input Capacity 6.4kVA
Current Range 20 – 40A
Rated Duty Cycle 80%
Cutting Capacity Clean Cut 8mm Sever 12mm
Gas Pressure 0.35 – 0.55Mpa

Accessories 5m cutting torch, 3m Earth Lead

Net Weight 7.8kg