XP-18 Cordless Planer

  • Ergonomic handle design and lock on button for increased user comfort
  • Retractable kickstand to avoid damage on the workpiece surface
  • Large 8mm rebate capacity
  • Aluminium front base for precision and light weight
  • Dual left and right deflection ports keep work are clean
  • Excludes battery and charger

Additional Information

Voltage: DC 18V
No Load Speed: 16 000min-1
Planing Width: 82mm
Planing Depth: 1.5mm
Rebate Depth: 8mm
Compatible Charger: XPP-2700, XPP-9000
Compatible Battery: XB-3000, XB-3000+,
XB-4000 or above
Nett Weight: 2.8kg…