#RyobiDIYEssentials: The Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders are handheld power tools that use a sanding pad that moves in a random pattern. This orbiting action is actually where it gets its name from, as the movement of the sanding pad is designed to prevent the sander from leaving distinct sanding patterns on the surfaces you’re working on.

The consistent finish it provides is probably one of the main reasons why most DIY enthusiasts and pros have an orbital sander in their toolkits. They are also very easy to use, are versatile, and help save time. Anyone who’s ever had to serve detention by sanding school desks will tell you how long and tedious that was, this is something that an orbital sander would do in just half the time. 

It’s such a resourceful tool and is so useful to have whether you work on plastic, metal, or wood. In fact, most DIY or home improvement projects will almost always require you to smooth out surfaces, remove stains, or varnish. This makes the RYOBI Orbital Sander an absolute must-have on your #RYOBIDIYEssentials list. 

Sanders can also be used for stripping down the outer layer of surfaces, and like any power tool, it’s always important to take the necessary safety precautions when using one. Wearing safety glasses, and gloves is advisable as this protects your eyes from any flying debris, while the gloves help dampen the vibrations of the tool. 

So whether it’s a new floating bookshelf that you’re building or a stained coffee table that’s due a new finish, add an orbital sander to your toolkit by visiting a RYOBI retailer nearest to you. Alternatively, you can follow this link to order one on the RYOBI online store. 


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