The RYOBI XBS-18: Sanders In The Woodworking Midst

Considered the gorilla of the sanding world because of how stocky and powerful they are, belt sanders are worth their standing as the silverbacks of the entire sanding range.

The product mostly ‘feeds’ on wood, but on occasion, its diet can include some metal surfaces.

Unlike its more random and orbital distant cousins, the RYOBI XBS-18 Cordless Sander follows a linear sanding action, which means that even with coarse grits you can sand with the grain and still achieve great results.

This incredible machine also includes a 6-position sanding belt speed setting that can be adjusted, depending on how quickly or delicately you want the surface you’re working on to be. This setting ensures complete control when working, and helps users achieve the desired precision regardless of the material they’re working on.

Like all sanders, time and convenience are always a consideration, especially when it comes to those medium-to-large household DIY tasks. It’s also a comfortable power tool to handle because it features an angle adjustable front handle, as well as an ergonomic rear handle with a soft grip, giving users the ability to work longer to achieve desired results.

Weighing in at just 2.4kg, the cordless sander is ideal for both small-scale and large projects, and its compact design means it’s easy to transport and store. The reason we’ve included the RYOBI XBS-18 Cordless Sander on the #RYOBIDIYEssentials lists is that any respectable tool shed needs one.

For all the craftsmen and women out there with long overdue tasks, it’s the easiest way to get yourselves off the endangered list.

To adequately equip your toolbox with one of these treasured species, you can can hunt for one here: