The RYOBI XCS-100 Hand Chainsaw


Are you an avid DIY enthusiast or a homeowner looking to tackle outdoor projects with ease? Then look no further than the RYOBI XCS-100 Hand Chainsaw, the star of this month’s #RYOBIDIYEssentials power tool series.

Boasting a compact and lightweight design that makes it the perfect for functions such as trimming branches, cutting firewood, or shaping lumber, the chainsaw’s ergonomic design ensures that you are comfortable handling it, while maintaining precise control on all your jobs. It’s also very portable, which means that you can use it almost anywhere.

The chainsaw comes equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor to help it deliver its impressive cutting performance without the hassle that comes with cords or the need for fuel. This effectively means that  you enjoy longer runtime and consistent power, so that you can complete your projects efficiently, with little to no interruptions.

Another impressive feature is the tool-free chain tensioning, which allows anybody operating the chainsaw to make quick and easy adjustments on the fly. This feature not only saves you time but also ensures that your power tool operates at its optimal performance level to maximise safety and efficiency.

It’s also safe to use as it features an integrated chain brake to provide an added layer of protection by stopping the chain’s movement in the event of any kickbacks or other sudden movements. Additionally, the handguard and front guard also offer extra protection, ensuring that work can be done confidently and securely.

The XCS-100 Hand Chainsaw is compatible with RYOBI’s ONE+ battery pack, so you can streamline your tool collection to ensure that you are always ready to tackle your next project.

Essentially, the RYOBI XCS-100 Hand Chainsaw is an absolute game-changer. Its compact design, powerful performance, and user-friendly features makes it essential for most DIY projects. From precision cuts to effortless trimming, it is built to deliver results every time. So, whether you’re revamping your garden, preparing firewood for that braai, or crafting custom wooden pieces, the hand chainsaw is the perfect go-to companion for all things DIY.

You can get your hands on one via our online store here.