Understanding the kinds of leaf blowers


Power tools are designed to make our lives easier in and around the house. A great example of this is the leaf blower, which is particularly handy in the autumn months when the trees shed their leaves for the winter ahead.

There are many models available to you in this regard from the RYOBI range. From the basic blowing function all the way through to vacuuming and even mulching with different power supplies.

Below is a basic guide split into the different power supplies for you to find the model best suited to your needs.

Electric powered

The electric leaf blowing models provide entry level options for smaller gardens and areas where you are looking to keep tidy. The lightweight and ease of use of these models also make them attractive to first time buyers.

Petrol powered

When it comes to more heavy duty needs, and naturally greater areas to cover with your blower, the petrol models are more suitable. The petrol models are bigger in nature, and will also offer additional features such as a vacuum for another level of gathering debris/leaves and mulching to break down materials.

Battery powered

The future of power tools is increasingly becoming battery powered. And in products like a hard working leaf blower this naturally also applies. Giving you all the benefits of performance of a petrol unit, the unique battery powered One+ 18v power packs offer a cleaner alternative. Ease of use is also key with these models, with vacuum and mulching capabilities adding to the appeal.

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