Valentines Day Redemption

Valentines Day can be stressful and difficult for the best of us. You have just survived the challenge of January, work is starting to get stressful again, the summer holiday is pretty much forgotten, and then you are bombarded with over priced things that you aren’t really into.

We’ve all given the chocolates with the great packaging but the not so great quality. The funny mug that was only really funny for a couple seconds, and of course all manner of heart inspired stuff that mysteriously finds the bottom of a bin soon after. We’ve all been there, and maybe the above is what you have just been through.

But like lost loves, let’s not fixate on the past, let’s reignite the sentiment of what a good Valentines Day gift should be. Something to be loved. And naturally when we speak of ‘loved’ we speak of power tools.

To achieve a Valentines Day Redemption we guide you towards our online shop with the following suggestions:

Roses are red

You’re probably tired of the chocs

So how about an upgrade of the tool box?

A lot of the time we don’t fix things around the house, or create something new and useful because we don’t have the power tools for the task.

With just one click of this link you can add a glue gun, a new sander, a cordless screwdriver to the toolbox. Or you can literally redefine what your toolbox is with the RYOBI XLD-1860K 18v Cordless Driver Drill Kit


Whatever your choice, it will be the true display of love. And when this time rolls around next year, we will be here again for you to make another solid choice!