Why RYOBI’s XCS-355 Chainsaw Is The Gift You Needed This Festive Season


The RYOBI XCS-355 Chainsaw is best described as the feeling of pure unadulterated cutting prowess, as it frees you from having to deal with the hassle of extension cords hanging out the house like Christmas lights at this time of year.


And while you might be wondering what use a cordless chainsaw might be in what’s supposed to be a period of downtime with family, then let’s not forget about the art of crafting bespoke decorations from freshly cut branches.


There are also some bushes that might need pruning before you host the family, but the most important reason for you to own a cordless chainsaw this festive season is mostly tied to our nation’s favourite holiday pastime: braaing.


Whether the logs of wood that will need chopping come from the store, in and around the fireplace, or both – a lot of braaing is expected to take place between 16 December 2023 and 1 January 2024, and that does mean a lot of wood needing to be chopped.


So, why not use the RYOBI XCS-355 Cordless Chainsaw? It’s super lightweight but powerful. The compact design makes it portable and easy to use. It’s reliable, and offers the type of precision that wielding an axe could never provide.


It’s a must-have accessory to complete every household toolshed and forms part of RYOBI’s versatile One+ battery range. Visit the online store and get your hands on one by following the link below: