#WQC2023 – The Kerwin Noemdo story

In the next RYOBI #WontQuitCrew feature of 2023, we bring you the story of shot put champion Kerwin Noemdo. He’s an African record holder, paralympian, and very much an athlete that despite various challenges in his life is only focused on being the best his sport has ever seen.



Growing up with a disability is certainly a difficult prospect. But for Kerwin Noemdo, who was born without the use of his right hand, he didn’t quite see it that way.


From the very beginning the man from Cape Town always loved sport and played whatever was going. He knew he was a little different to the other kids at school, but that didn’t stop him from competing against them at whatever he chose to pursue. Though hugely capable at doing so, Kerwin felt that he ultimately had a special place within para sports, and that is where his unique athlete story as we know it today began.



He was initially a sprinter, and though was good enough to compete nationally on the track, he knew if he wanted to excel on the international stage he would need to migrate to the throwing sports. So he went from traditionally being one of the big guys in sprinting, to being one of the small guys in shot put. But in true won’t quit fashion, Kerwin had a goal, and he channelled his efforts in getting closer to it.



With so much achieved in his sport already, Kerwin’s career would already be regarded as notable. But he is determined to break that world record, and is literally seeing his ultimate goal in centimetres ahead of him. Which will certainly make watching the action of the Paris 2024 Paralympics that much more special for us in the near future. 


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