#WQC2023 – The Mike Stevens story

This month saw the return of the RYOBI #WontQuitCrew. Taking a new format this year in showcasing inspiring local sports stories, the Mike Stevens story gets us out of the blocks at a rapid rate.


In his early 40s now, Mike Stevens is probably best known for his incredible work in helping amputees and disabled children get access to prosthetics, and with that a whole new world of mobility and mobility.


Having tragically lost his legs in a freak accident back in 1992, Mike has been someone who has always faced his challenges, and not only come out stronger on the other side, but also touched the lives of others in the process.


In part one of his story he details these trying yet rewarding times.



The main part of his ‘Won’t Quit’ story then takes us thousands of miles away, in a place that would be foreign for most South Africans. But most of all for Mike who had to swop his prosthetics for the wheelchair as he navigated the slippery conditions of an icy European winter.


This is because Mike is one of the few people on the planet who can call himself a para bobsleigh competitor. This unique group individuals aren’t just hurtling down daredevil courses, but they are also trying to officially get this super niche sport into the Paralympics.


It’s quite a process, and as you would image, hardly an easy one.



We hope you enjoyed Mike’s story. This year’s #WontQuitCrew is going to feature five more unique athletes from here, all with stories worthy of induction into the #WontQuitCrew.


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