#WQC2023 – The Sean Clarke story

The RYOBI #WontQuitCrew in 2023 has so far brought you unique personal stories of overcoming adversity with Mike Stevens and Kerwin Noemdo. Next up is the story of Sean Clarke, who doesn’t just embody a ‘won’t quit’ mindset, but he is determined to use it to fulfill dreams that many said he would never get close to. 


By his own admissions, and certainly that of his mom, Sean wasn’t your average kid. He was always on the go, and just didn’t seem to have the ability to slow himself down as his zest for discovery and play was all consuming at times. 

Then one fateful day while jumping off of a roof, and error in judgement saw him fly through a glass window and sustain an injury that would change his life forever. The accident rendered his left leg below the knee all but useless.

Where others would now see a disability, Sean saw it as an opportunity to channel his efforts into a new direction.


With swimming being his next natural outlet, Sean excelled here. But he wanted more, he wanted to challenge himself and see just what was possible. His doctors naturally cautioned him against any activity with too much impact, but Sean was interested in making an impact of a different kind through his physical efforts.


Most people would stop there, but naturally Sean is not most people. In his mind her can’t stop as his efforts are starting to really make a difference when it comes to disabled athlete awareness. Though he has now finally had to accept what doctors are saying about the detriments of running, he has now set his sights of cycling to Cape Town in October and then swimming from Robben Island to Big Bay all in an effort to raise funds for a special someone in his life.


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