What power tool should everyone own


A common question that pops up from all newcomers to the joys of DIY, is which is the one power tool that they should own?

The great thing about power tools is that they enable you to complete just about any task you could put your mind to. That naturally makes answering the question of which is the ‘one tool everyone should own’ a tricky one. But when it comes to getting started, and certainly building your confidence and love for DIY, the Cordless Drill is a must have.

Being a cordless power tool, its portability is an instant win allowing you to enjoy all its all-purpose capabilities all around the house. Drilling pilot holes and fastening screws in wood, concrete, brick, metal and plastic is where you would get the most use out of your cordless drill. Which allows for securing curtain rails, hanging picture frames and assembling furniture. But the more tasks you tackle, the more versatility you will uncover. When you apply your mind to the right attachment, this tool can even come in handy when doing something like mixing paint!

A particular model of cordless drill that we recommend is the RYOBI XD-180 Cordless Driver Drill. It provides a little extra power and with the RYOBI ONE+ battery system, you have an industry leading power supply to get through many happy DIY hours.

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